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There’s no better way to buy or sell a business than via Business Exchange. Our helpful brokers will find you the right match and assist you the whole way.

Selling Your Practice is an Art

Our deep industry expertise, deal-making skills, and high-quality and extensive database of acquirers put us in an outstanding position to advise our clients seeking to sell their entire practice, merge, appoint an equity partner or divest non-core fees.

15+ Years Experience

We built Australia's first specialist M&A platform and we continue to maximise outcomes for our vendors.

Unparalleled Buyer Access

7500+ buyers in accounting & financial planning professions provides unparralleled access and insight.

Winning M&A Process

Our process makes deals happen. That's why 2 top 20 ASX companies are licenced to use our M&A platform.

400+ Transactions

Weve completed 400+ transactions, practice sales, mergers and equity partner appointments nationally.

What our clients are saying

Charles Anstis

Managing Director Smithfield Remediation

"Practice Exchange went the extra mile to search for potential acquirers for my practice. Under challenging conditions, they identified an impressive range of buyers and skillfully negotiated with bidders on my behalf. The Practice Exchange team worked persistently to keep the process on track. I was impressed with their dedication and commitment throughout the entire engagement as was particularly impressed in the way they closed the deal."

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