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Bookkeepers Exchange is an online marketplace for buying, selling and merging bookkeeping practices. It is brought to you by the Australian Bookkeepers Network (representing professional bookkeepers across Australia) and Practice Exchange (the premier business succession portal for accountants and financial planners)

Our goal is to assist professional bookkeepers to benefit from growth opportunities as part of the accounting sector through acquisition, partnership, joint ventures and mergers - as well as providing assistance with business succession and retirement challenges by offering business sale services, equity partner placements and more.

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Representing professional bookkeepers across Australia

The premier business succession portal for accountants and financial planners in Australia

15+ Years Experience

We built Australia's first specialist M&A platform and we continue to maximise outcomes for our vendors.

Unparalleled Buyer Access

7500+ buyers in financial services space provides unparralleled access and insight.

Winning M&A Process

Our process makes deals happen. That's why ASX-listed companies licence our M&A platform for their own use.

400+ Transactions

We've completed 400+ transactions, practice sales, mergers and equity partner appointments nationally.

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